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Deadly Reflex 6 weirdness


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Hello, I recently installed deadly reflex 6 and am experiencing some problems.

Firstly I want to say that I did install what I needed to install. And deadly reflex is last in my load order.

Now, my main problem is the button selection. The default selection is weird as the f key is for sheathing my weapon and I keep crashing when i try to use the v key (weapon throwing?). So, I read the readme and tried to change it. I went to the dr ini and changed the key setting. I fully changed it, ie I changed the key and also put in the right number for the new key. But I still have the default deadly reflex key selection. How do I fix this problem?

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Yeah' date=' I had the same issue. After fussing with it for a while I just re-mapped my keys.


All I can suggest is either switch back to DR5, or re-install and try re-mapping the DR6 keys when it asks for you to set them. Wish I could be

more helpful.


The thing is that I was never asked about setting the keys.


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Hm, so I don't need to create a new topic; mind if I add a question to the thread?


Are there any complications to getting Deadly Reflex 6 working with Lovers? If I have to choose Lovers wins every time - however it would be nice to use both. Never actually used DR but it seems like it turns the combat awesome.


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Personally I opted for an older version of deadly reflex, since 6 seems to have issue with alot of mods that I use. I enjoy using 5, it pretty much has the most important stuff (horse combat in oblivion is something I'd like to avoid actually). Only thing 6 really had that I wanted was a few more kill graphics, everything else was negligible to me.

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Well, I backed up my Oblivion folder before installing. Any problems and I can just revert.


I take it the skeleton problem is the reason that I don'tseem to be rendering anything limbless? Combat animations have canged and weapons hit harder (and I die a lot easier) but no flying body parts.


Could you link me to the 'fix'? Couldn't find it. :(


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DR 6 by default GREATLY lowers the likelihood of decapitations (you can however adjust this in the ini file, check the nexus forums for instructions how).  DR 6 is really a total change from DR 5 where chopping off heads and folks in half was the highlight of the mod.  Now you can headbutt, kick and throw a sword or dagger to kill your opponents.  I personally liked chopping heads and people in half and have modded that to be more likely to happen.  If you didn't know you can also sneak (assuming you have a high enough skill at it) and attack from a few feet away and get the lopping off head feature.  Good luck.

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Ah' date=' thanks for that, but I don't use BBB. Will it still be sueful to me at all? I have found that I don't seem to do decapitation, nor do any of the NPCs. Is that what it fixes?



Oh. Well then you probably don't need it. As for decapitations, well whatever1 already explained it.

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