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[CK3] Lewd Loading Screens




About this mod


This mod replaces the game loading screens with lewd pictures made by several artists (See credits at the bottom)

I've tried to stay on a medieval theme (mostly western, but some oriental pictures too).

There isn't any display of magic or fantasy race so far, but I may add some fantasy packs in the future when new mods pertaining to this theme are released





Just as a regular mod, extract it then put the folder and the .mod file in your mod folder
You can type this in the explorer address bar to access it : %HomePath%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod

In your CK3 launcher go to Mods > Manage Mods > Add More Mods (in bottom right corner) > Select this mod and add it.

Restart your launcher if it doesn't show up in the list when you try to add it.






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1 hour ago, AlexWyrmin said:

Since it's just images, does that mean it's possible to have them as loading screens in CK2 as well?


Yes, but you would need to change the folder structure tho.

Instead of "gfx\interface\illustrations\loading_screens", the files should be in "gfx\loadingscreens"


Also, in order to override the vanilla pictures, you would need to rename them in this format : "load_0.dds", "load_1.dds" and so on


I would advise you to download my other mod instead: Dark World Fantasy - Loading Screens

It has almost the same pictures, and even more, and was made for crusader kings 2, so it works out of the box

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On 10/19/2020 at 2:23 PM, Witch14 said:

is it possible to add your own image to the loading screen?

Yes you can. I actually made my own add-on for real hardcore porn images. Here's my zipfile I hope everyone can enjoy:


I used GIMP to export dds files. I plan on adding more hardcore images to increase the shuffling of loading screens.


**Warning** These are real hardcore porn images. It is a mix of various pornstars doing various lewd acts, a lot of interracial is featured.












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