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Companion Margarete Lena V5 WIP

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Place holder for Margarete Lena V5


Updates :


Margarete Lena V5 have huge amount of contet added in V5 so it will take some time to translate it.

Size of file changed from 99mb in V2 to over 300mb in V5



For now I mange to install everything properly (I think :P) are over 58 Quests including the one to obtain Margarete Lena so it will take time for me to even see her in game.

Also there seems to be second Companion Anna

Gonna post updates as soon as possible.


Here are 2 previews of them






Video with new Lena




For now I'm focusing on Immoral Sisters + Underground Bravil so Lena is third in line.


Translation Finished in : 5%

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I love this mod and Margarete Lena is my all time favourite companion. There is nothing she cant do, thank you very much for the translation! Yaay!!!


I just have one thing i noticed (this could well be user error), the hairs seem to have disappeared from some of the races, and the khajiit skin seems to have gone askew. I dont know much about modding, but I will try and experiment with it.

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Ok people there is new update from chinese modders V3

If there will be enough people interested in this mod I might get back and translate Margarete to new version

There seems to be tons of improvements + face on screens is optional so you don't have to use it if you don't like it.










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Having a problem with this mod. I have everything installed right, the chinese version first and then copy over the other, but whenever i try to summon margarete, the game crashes. The same thing happens when i put on the soul necklace for the seducer mod. What am I doing wrong?


EDIT: Ok i got the seducer mod to work but whenever i try to summon Margarete, the game instantly CTDs

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Small info.

I will try to upload new BSA package tonight.

You will see the diffrence

Version V2 = 99mb

Version V3 = 200mb.


Later gonna upload translated esp :)

It's good news!! I want show Lena in EV. XD

(My request thread has deleted in any message? It's no alram. So unhappy.. :-/)


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Well esp is translated but there are few problems.

Main package weigths 200mb but contains only CORE files.

Required race and reskin packages need to be bought seperatly on moderteam.

And...they don't like if someone post their work that cost money for free on other forums.

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