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Claudia's Boobs

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How do I make Claudia's boobs smaller?  In the construction set she is using vtoyimperial race.  NOT IN the mod as far as I can see.  She ignores the files in meshes\characters\ and there is nothing in either the meshes\characters\imperial or the meshes\characters\vtoy folders...  Do I have to re-build the vtoyimperial race from scratch?

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Don't know.

But I know there are many different bodies in the Mod.

I think the nude bodies are added by a script. The bodies are clothes.  Most of the bodies are in Clothes\VToy\MeshMix\  and some in Clothes\VToy\

The NPCs have body token .

Claudia's body token is VToyBodyStage "VToy Bodytype Token" [MISC:010293AA]

But the token are without a script , so there must be a script that checks how many token a NPC have and add the right body.


Claudia has 2 token  VToyBodyStage "VToy Bodytype Token" [MISC:010293AA]


The NPC  VT4CS7Eileen "Eileen Telvani" [NPC_:0106B4D8]  has the same token  but 8  token.


And there are other Body token   ( but not used by Claudia )


And there are 6 versions of Claudia  ( all use the same 2 body token )


And you also have the change the clothes. The nude body you only see when Claudia is nude.

One of the 6 Claudias wear VtoylClaudiaDress "Black & Mauve Outfit" [CLOT:01051740]   and it have the cup size of Claudia's nude body.



You can try to remove the 2 body token   VToyBodyStage "VToy Bodytype Token" [MISC:010293AA]

Then she maybe use the default body you have in meshes\characters\_male

But you still have to replace the clothes with smaller tit versions. 

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@fejeena...  Geesh...  how complicated can you make a mod?  I am impressed....  And no bodyslide...  Guess I could use alternate clothing.  Dunno.  I will have a think on it.  Where did you find the tokens?  No matter, I can find them

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Best use TES4Edit.  Load the Vtoy esp

In the top left corner you have a small box with name  "Form ID"   There you enter the number 010293AA  and hit the enter key . . . and you get to token.


But if you want to remove the token you expand the VToy esp tree  and  then the Non-Player-Characters and search the  6 Claudias  ( at the top you can click on "name" and the NPCs are sorted alphabetical )

Then you click on a Claudia and in the right window you will see her data. There in "items you find the token VToyBodyStage "VToy Bodytype Token" [MISC:010293AA]   and can delete it.


Do it with all Claudias ( one had no token, I think she is never naked so she need no body token )



And it is Oblivion ! No bodyslide.  Every nude body need clothes/armor vor that body. ( or at least some that have about the size of  nude body's tits. )

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