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Reinstalling a mod in MCM

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So basically I uninstalled SD+ in MCM (the files are still installed in my game, I use the mod in another playthrough) in one of my playthroughs because I didn't want it at the time, and now after many hours of play I've decided that I actually do. 


The mod still shows up in MCM, but I can't do anything with it. Is there a way of reactivating the mod for use in this playthrough, or have I just screwed it completely?



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I'm not sure what that MCM option does, but I guess it meant to be as preparation to completely uninstall the mod from your game (not for deactivating the mod for a while).

If that is true you would need to uninstall the mod and make a clean save (with FallrimTools).

After that you install SD again and hope for the best!


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