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[sEARCH] Looking for a boar replacer

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I'm trying to put together a new mounted riekling/goblin type of rider.


Does anyone know of a boar type of creature that uses the boar vanilla skeleton?


So far I've found Robobirdie's Entolodont, but it doesn't look so dangerous. I have the mounted wolves from LOTR stuck in my head ?


link to goblinrider gallery


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8 minutes ago, Thor2000 said:

thanks for the suggestion, winny. It looks more badass. Do you know how Rougeshot's boarskeleton aligns with sexanimations for rieklingriders?

I can't here help, Skyrim has not been on my hard drive for years.
I'm Sorry :classic_sad:

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1 hour ago, Thor2000 said:

You actually got rid of Skyrim ?? I'm heavily addicted. Even after 9 years of playing ?

I already had 2014 the snout full, despite many unofficial patches there were so many bugs in the game, I didn't feel like playing this game anymore. :classic_wink:

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