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Attaching a penis to a female mesh

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Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to post this sorry if it isn't


I want to do a Futanari run but I cannot seem to find a good Futanari mod. The closest I found was K2's Androgyne race, which is great but it's not exactly the body type I was looking for. Is it possible to attach a penis from Rebel O' Connor's eqiuppable dicks to a female body mesh ? (Preferably Type 3M)



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I don't think you actually want to attach it the female nude mesh. NV uses two separate meshes for nude males erect & flaccid and changes them via script. Attaching it means your stuck with one since female use one nude body type. Also no idea if that thing is actually rigged with bones for a certain skeleton. Probably not but still would be seams and texture/UV things needed after blendering it together.


I would do and suggest this: Attach pubic hair to your nude female mesh in nifskope. Might be able to add it to the penis mesh it self depending on how it's rigged. There should be a pubic hair mod that will fit the type three body here on LL in the fallout section and ready to work in game. And it can help with inevitable seam issue. And either download Sexout Clothing evaluator so you can set whatever penis you want to use and equip to not unequip during sex through the MCM or add it to the formlist SexoutNGSafeClothesF in FNVedit. Granted you would need to equip it before starting sex scenes to work that way so hot key items. Otherwise would need to write a detection script.


I kind of want to say one of the dildo/strapon's in Sexout strap on sex looks 'Futa' and that someone made a retexture for it in that thread but I'm probably misremembering. Granted that would just be a erect version and the mod you linked has both states.

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9 hours ago, 5363jta6 said:

So basically I would need to create a flaccid and erect futa mesh and then write a detection script for sex scenes so the game switches to the erect one correct ?

If you want to go the way of bodysuits like males are set up and you do not want to have the option of 3 meshes (Female, Futa Flaccid, Futa Erect) and also do not want fine control over the erection state dependent on sex acts... 


Just make a female nude mesh with a flaccid penis and give who ever you want to be futa a custom race so only they use that body. Then tie into or just replace the code in the script that Sexout uses to make your character naked and emulate the way the male code switches to a Nude Bodysuit basically a wearable nude armor but for your erect futa mesh and include that. The script to see how to go about that should be SexoutNGUndressSpellSCRIPT but you might need to check the male body suit references in FNVedit and and see if that is as far as you need to make sure females can have a nude body suit.

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Hey, OP here. On a new account. I managed to combine a few mods and sort of manage to make a futa scenario workable. Although it isn't perfect as I see messages like "Equipping penis" which takes you out of it. Hoping for a dedicated Futa mod for FNV soon.


Also I heard some people on here managed to make Futa the default using Amra's Futa mod ? Like one person even made the woman play the male masturbation animation when they pressed Y ? I never managed to do that.

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