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remplacement of the feet

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3 hours ago, Octanegtrgtrgtr said:

When you install a body mods remplacement of the feet. Should we uninstall the one of wickedwhims and maxie of the default game?

Install any kind of feet replacement that you want, there is not problem , you are talking about WW body selector , that’s an xml code that allow you to change nude items from body mods for every specific sim without  mesh with other default replacement installed mods,  you only need to remember any other default replacement must be 1 pack for your game, rest of non default items are ok to have them inside mod folders, best default feet replacements on sims 4 worldwide are  magic bot ones  download all the feet versions that you want. https://magic-bot.wixsite.com/magic-bot-ts4cc/magic-bot-cc/

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