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SKSE gone rogue

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So, yesterday i did not have this issue, and today i woke up to it.
Basically, the game launches, but then it goes 1 fps at the bethesda screen with a line of static color in the bottom part of the screen (screen attached).

Now, before rushing to say it's the gpu that is dieing, a few considerations:

1) it literally only happens with skyrim SE, not even fallout 4

2) it only happens if i launch the game via SKSE, otherwise game launches fine and i don't get stuck in the starting screen
3) the only thing i did before this started to happen was installing and later removing this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15946/


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A little update: removing ENB seems to make the artifact go away, but the game still gets 1 fps at bethesda screen.

Confirmed: the game launches with no fuss at all without SKSE, only skse messes things up.

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sub question when you uninstalled the over 60 fps fix mod did you go in and change the ini settings that it changes? 


Q: What exactly does this mod change?
A: This mod changes three settings:


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Ok, i am starting to sort this out: it has something to do with ENB, although i have no idea why or how.
After removing completely ENB and the preset i was using, the horrible line of color disappeared. However, i am now getting a full black screen when launching the game; the main menu only appears for a second when i alt tab, but if i reopen the game window the screen is black again. Gonna try reinstall enb, latest binaries, without preset.

Even with plain ENB, the original error occurs. At least i have found out the culprit, now i just need to figure out why and how to fix it.

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