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Gay painting - Renewal.

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Been a while I haven't post anything. Here are some custom paintings for your gay sims OR your female sims who are looking for some male...


2 Files :

Xermacor COCKS : 1 painting with 10 recolorable penis.

Xermacor NAKED MALES : 1 painting with 30 recolorable nice men.


I've added a higher price for a higher environnement bonus.


Hope you'll enjoy it !



Présentation COCKS.png

Présentation COCKS 2.png

Présentation MALES 0.png

Présentation MALES 2.png

Présentation MALES.png

Xermacor-COCKS.package Xermacor-NAKED MALES.package

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17 hours ago, Wahnfriedus said:

I'm fairly new, and I think I'm doing something wrong. Where do these show up? 



Same here. the COCKS package can be found in my decorations, but I somehow can't find the NAKED MALES package. Does that package requires a specific expansion / stuff pack?

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