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How to edit face in TESConstruct?


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I don't know anything about computer programming but I'm trying to achieve this same character: Lop2.jpgTES4Edit.jpg


I think the author mentioned something about copy/pasting the face values. Does anyone how I go about inputting all these same values to my character under FaceGen Data (The newer TESConstruct looks different :/ )? I have never used TESconstruct, and when I open it, all I see is Player under NPC but the Player only has a Vampirerace. Also, when I ~ showracemenu, I don't have those numbers next to my sliders. I'm very confused how to this. 

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Your second picture is TES4Edit not CS


You can copy NPC face data into another NPC  with same race.

If you have a nice NPC in a Mod and  you have a companion Mod you can make your companion look like the nice NPC from the other Mod.


Face data is always a mix of the race Face data and the NPC face data. So you must use the same race.



You can use your player. The Player is a NPC. The first NPC when you open the NPC tree in TES4Edit.      Player "Bendu Olo" [NPC_:00000007]


First you need a esp, you can not change the Oblivion.esm ( not with TES4Edit and not with CS )  You can use the race Mod esp you want to use.

Then in the Oblivion esm  - NPCs you right click the Player "Bendu Olo" [NPC_:00000007]  and "Copy as overwirte into ... "   in the esp

Then you copy the NPC face data from the nice NPC in the player face data. All 3 lines AND the " SNAM - Unknown "

double click a line,   select all  and copy.

In the Player face data you HOLD the shift key and double click the line or you can not paste the data in the line. ( If you just double click you can only watch and copy. And if you right click and EDIT only half of the data will be paste in the line ( and your game will crash ) )

So hold the shif key, double click the  line, delete the data in the line and paste the new dat in the line. Save.

Do not forget the " SNAM - Unknown "


Then in game you must use the same race as the nice NPC ( or you do not look like the Nice NPC . Race and NPC face data  together make up all the whole face data. )


EDIT:  When you use another race you should not use the esp with the player.

If you add the player in a Mod esp you should make a backup . So you can use the Player with the face data when you play the right race.

And when you play another race you replace the esp with the player with the backup esp without the player.


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