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NifUtilsSuite Tutorial?

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i think you will not find any perfect thing for your project !


look at the cloth and armour conversions and skip the use of outfit studio : you have to prepare de oblivionmech.nif  

    - remove the textures path 

    - fix the heather names and version 

   - save the file and re open it and see if it kept your settings 

   - open a second window with an actual skyrimmech.nif  copy and past the branch shape from oblivionmech.nif to skyrimmech.nif

   - verify if nothing is wrong save and close

   - re open and rebuilt your textures path with skyrim  BS something …  and remove what was before and save 

   - you might need to rebuild the collisions ( not sure )  your are ready to test in game .


the best and easy way is to import it with blender and export it as skyrim mech !

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