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are there any CAS UI mods ?

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3 hours ago, kent1060 said:

So i have a rather big mods collection for the sims 4 but this is gving me issues with the cas UI 

i cant scroll down or somethinf as there are too many colors etc anybody has an idea if there like a CAS mod like skyrim has for skyui ?

Other than more columns there's nothing else I know of. Just to ask, have you over done it with eyes? I had an issue where I went eye crazy and I had so many eyes that I could not scroll down to the eye shapes and presets. I deleted about half and I was fine. 

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  • 3 months later...

Probably late-

I also had that same problem. I had quite a few eye colors and skin tones and I could barely see the presets.

There is the More CAS Columns mode that you can use.


**The mod on the link is outdated but you can easily find the latest version by searching weerbesu's Patreon (Don't know if it's allowed to post patreon links)


You can use the program Sims4Studio to look at the packages on your Mods folder and find the eyes you don't want on the game to delete them.

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