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Problem with More Nasty Critters and Creature Framework

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I had to reinstall Skyrim thanks to Vortex breaking my game...again. I reinstalled all my mods, and now in MCM my Creature Framework tab will not allow me to "reregister all mods". That choice is grayed in. MNC installed the Creature Framework. If I try installing CF separately, on loading my game I get an error message "Creature Features  has been downgraded. Things will be broken."

So, I can get my creature animations to work..almost. My player goes through the animations, but the creature, after getting into position, just stands there and does not move.

I tried many fixes I found online. I made sure I have Sexlab Aroused Redux and Jcontainers installed. Ran LOOT, Fnis, TES5 quick edit, and more. No luck.

Any ideas?

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