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RQUEST or FIND: A fix for inventory lag

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So the deal is that I have a lot of outfits.  I recently learned how to merge mods.  When i try to quick grab my old favorites from additem menu I either have to deal with an extremely slow menu or I have to take EVERYTHING, and then there is lag in my main inventory (though fortunately a bit less).  Even so, it's becoming an issue.  And storage containers aren't much of an option because they'll lag just as much as the menu if I want to use the outfits.  Some of the original outfit mods were massive even before I started merging them.


Is there any mod that can reduce or eliminate inventory lag?  Would it be possible to make one if not?  I've seen plenty of inventory mods but none that I'm aware of help this issue to any appreciable degree.


Stacking items isn't really the issue here as I understand it, since it is only the sheer number of outfits causing the problem (and because its also in additem menu and containers themselves, not just when I loot things).


EDIT:  Just for the added clarity, storing unused items does not solve my issue since it also effects items I don't yet own (additem menu).  I cannot take the outfits out any quicker than I can store them.  My machine is relatively strong and fast, but skyrim is not.  If there is a trick to speeding up inventories at all, I'm interested.

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1 hour ago, Swe-DivX said:

You can try to categorize the mods. Armor.esp, Clothes.esp, Lingerie.esp

That wouldn't fix the issue much.  For one I wouldn't even know how to do that.  Again the issue is if I even use additem menu to obtain the items.  And using console commands to add one piece of each of the armors I want at a time would be nightmarish, even as bat files (since I'd have to constantly update them with any load order changes).

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