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AWKCR / VIS alternatives

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As the title says.


AWKCR and Armorsmith extended are good but I think they are also a good bit messy. I know Crafting Framework also exists with an Armor and Clothing Overhaul. Has anyone checked this out and can give a small review?


VIS is a great addition to the modlist. It's not easy to set up correctly, especially when using with DEF_UI. But when it does it usually gets the job done - if not for an extensive cost of modslots and compatibility patches. I would like to know if there are alternatives to this; like if Ruddy's version is also having the extended categories function when transfering items or browsing shop.


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I use both Crafting Framework and Armor and Clothing Overhaul.   I prefer those over Armorsmith and awkcr.    I had used Awkcr and Armorsmith for a long time, but finally got fed up with them cause they alter things too much to my liking, it felt like they started to go way past just " fixing " the base game gear to world changes. 


Crafting Framework is more simplistic.  I do like the universal workbench, very neat touch.   That along side Skk's mobile workshop is great for survival.  


Armor and Clothing Overhaul is basically what I had wanted Armorsmith to be.  It just alters the actual gear in game and THATS IT!


I don't use VIS or other sorting mods per say, what I have used for a while now, in which once I used it its my preferred way to sort stuff now is https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33983

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