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Hi I want to make a succubus build 

with a femdom/futa dominant aspect too it I never done a playthrough like this so I'm looking for some mods can anyone recommend me some?


Particularly these catagories

*quest mods that let you play a dominant PC

*futamods futa impregnation etc

*illusion based loverslab mods

*And succubus mods in general draining health with sex be it dominant or submissive I have no clue where to even start so just name any that comes into your mind I don't mind a very long mod list ether so name as many as you can

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I do have a few suggestions that could help.


Gender Bender - Pretty self explanatory. Allows you to change PC/NPCs from female to futa and back. 

Player Succubus Quest or Succubus Heart - Gives you quests and abilities related to a succubus

ERF Succubus followers - Adds succubi followers, race, armor, and tie-in with PSQ

Nikitaa's Succubus Race - Self explanatory, though doesn't have sexual abilities of succubi by itself

Angrim's Apprentice - A magic sexual themed quest mod based around learning sexual magics and succubus abilities. Ties in with Succubus race or PSQ

Fertility Mode/Soul Gem Oven - Pregnancy mods. SGO can tie in with PSQ, if I remember correctly

Sexlab Deadly Drain - Mod that allows PC to drain the health of their partner during an SL scene


Hope this helps.

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