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Skyrim SE - CBBE-Physics-Female-Body-Lower-Shape

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Skyrim SE - CBBE-Physics-Female-Body-Lower-Shape

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because I work aside on different shapes time by time, I got a really nice result for a new lower-shape for a skyrim-se body. This shape can sadly not be created by using the sliders of the common CBBE-SE-Bodyslide-Sliders.


You can use this body as a new reference-body inside of bodyslide, add it as "clothing-mesh", create new followers with it by adding your beloved shape edits and so on.


To me this has been important, because the CBBE body was always lacking specially on the leg-shape, which is herewith now blown-off.

This file can also be converted to be used as a body for LOWRIM, which let it work them either as a CBBE-skinned body.


If you add this body to become your new reference-body, you have to check out, if it fits to your overall animation-demands before you begin to convert your whole clothing for it.

The pics show the shape with the "fair-skin-complexion" (so far I remember).


You can of course use and create your own new shapes with it.


Credits go to caliente and to the skin creator as well.


You  can also transfer this or other settings by using the body-slide window, create a high- and low-weighted version, and set the whole race-menu-setting later to zero.


SkyrimSE 2020-04-18 20-59-45-71.jpg

SkyrimSE 2020-04-18 20-59-25-49.jpg

SkyrimSE 2020-04-18 20-56-34-16.jpg

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18 hours ago, Drgnwlflrd said:

I down loaded this vortex said this did not look like a mod asked if I wanted to create a mod with the file


This is a body only-you need to add it manually or work on the asset with bodyslide to create something for followers or something like that.

It´s not possible to install this by using mod-managers-it´s a single bodyshape in refernce-BS-compatible-design.

It´s not directly a ready-to-use mod.

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