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Hello everyone, i'm going to play skyrim again, last time i played was like a year or 2, and i'm looking for the best body (high poly 2K/ 4K skin) with good hdt animation (butt, breast, vagina, SOS collision), last time i played i used HDT AIO but it looks like it's not very updated.

i got a very good rig so you can suggest pretty much anything.

You can also suggest other things.

Thanx for the future replies.

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I have a plenty of body mods:


Trepleen Daie HDT CBBE body + Vagina2.4 + XMPSE v2.50 Collision XML.

CBBE Maximum (MaxCBBE) - An old body but it's the only one with a working anus.


(You must set all Maximum Curvies and Lights to 0 to make this body compatible with any CBBE clothes)

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (4.67)

Bounce and Jiggles - Super Reduced TBBP_Belly (8.0)

Citrus Head

Kai's HDT Vanilla Hair (Male and Female)

Superior Lore Friendly Hair

Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards (5.0)

Demoniac 8K Body Texture

Skysight Retextures (4K Males)

Naturalistic XMLs for HDT-PE (3.68)


Also, if you want High Poly clothes, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND:


SKYRIM Enchanced -High polygons- CBBE and bodyslide support (from Nexus)




If you have any doubt just reply me! :D

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