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Ultimate combat compatible?

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Hello everyone,


I hope you are fine on this shitshow of  times.


i wanted to install ultimate combat overhaul for Skyrim SE, i never got to truly use it for LE since it was no compatible with Labs mods, mostly i made Giants Either T pose or Flat on ground during scenes, from what i gather last time i check it was due to changing the AI or something related, so i wanted to ask if this issue still persist with the Special edition or if the 64 bit Allow both of them to work together?


Sorry if i posted on the wrong place, please tell so, on which case i will move it to the required place


Thanks for the assist in advance!

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59 minutes ago, Geckoprime said:

i never got to truly use it for LE since it was no compatible with Labs mods

I used to use it with LL mods for several month.  


I only got rid of it because it was buggy and cause animation pauses in combat that started to get on my nerves.


But it should be compatible in SE just to swing back to your question. I have not heard if the SE version works better than the LE version. But there should be no compatibility issues

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