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[SOLVED] I need help finding this outfit please.

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this blouse is from [Dint999] HDT HairPack (1.50) SMP Patch - SSE, in this case it could be private.
but I'm not sure.




two alternatives.

Female Shirt for UUNP



Moonlight Blouse



skirt is from here.

HDT SKIRT (Remake)





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http://crential.blog.jp/archives/68700957.html found this shirt that took very similar, i'm willing to bet money that it's actually the same one just retextured (takes a few clicks in photoshop literarly) and a bit re-alligned to fit the skirt in outfit studio or whatever 3d modelling program people use. thought i'd leave the link here in case others would want it. file name is file name is "Cre_Y_shirt". so just do "help cre" or type out the entire file name "Cre Y Shirt" to obtain it. up to you

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