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TK dodge causes anim events to not register in 1st person

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I have been making a script that activates an effect on weapon swing power attack. However, I ran into a problem when I was testing. The weapon effect (similar to the bloodskal blade effect) will not fire in first person. I painstakingly deactivated all my mods and found that the culprit was tk dodge and ultimate combat. This was confirmed on a save with only my mod, tk dodge and its dependencies. So heres my question, is there a way to make these mods compatible and fix this bug or do I need to give up on compatibility entirely.


In summary:

The issue seems to be that the if branch is not picking up anim events in first person.

The only weapon that works are greatswords because Bethesda has special anim events for their power attacks.


Do I need to edit the tk dodge script?

Or is it impossible for compatibility?

Asking anyone who understands anim events or had this problem before.

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