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Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Claire (Request) [3] RELOADED AGAIN

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It was 6 months since I entered the last time to LL and sadly discovered that all the big and great threads about this game are now closed. But still there are new Mods for the game everyday.

So ... is anyone still interested in sharing legal and public mods for this game? If so, do it here in a general way (normal, sexy, nude, dirty mods) as in the other big threads BUT remember to follow the LL rules:

-No Sherry Mods.

- Do not suggest sharing pay Mods by Private Message.

It's that simple. 

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And remember, Mods are not original content in 98 percent (or more) of cases. Modders use (I include myself as I'm a Modder girl) content that someone else had already created, they only modify the content, that's why they are called Mods ... duh ... some take content from other games, as in the case of this game, it is common to see heads of characters with naked bodies that were simply taken from other games, from other programs or from other versions of RE, or bodies of other modders stolen by other modders. It is true that Mods require time and sometimes a lot of effort but that does not evade in any way that the content is not original and is owned by someone else and is registered before the law. Therefore, selling it at exaggerated prices is morally wrong and even illegal. If you are going to pay for a Mod it is only your responsibility. If you don't want to pay, then learn to modify the game yourself. If you think someone is ripping you off then report it to who really matters.


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