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Hatsune Miku VR on steam


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these are unity files and will require asset bundle extractor to mod. you can get some of the details of how it works in the omega labyrinth topic
asset studio can also be used if you just want to look at things easily but it cant replace things in the files

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I got this done with UABE (AssetsBundleExtractor_2.2stabled_64bit)

The Miku body is in sharedasset_6


The body has no breast and the part under the panties are missing.

I'm no modeler so if anyone is willing to model the body in 3D, then I can try reuploading the files into the game to check. (I tried and I can't figure it out, see next post)


Original Dat, mesh, Obj files for the body




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I'm stuck at the stage where I don't know how to import obj back into sharedasset6.

When I try to import raw -> import dat or obj file, the file ends up as unnamed asset and is corrupted if i tried mesh.


Here's the obj. if anyone wants to try their hand at this.

I edited it to have no skirt so far. I just deleted all the faces/edges/vertical layer of the skirt (not sure if that was the right way to do it.

Edited Miku body without skirt (Might have done it wrong, never modded before.)


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moderchan has been gone for weeks but i did see him manage to mesh mod crystar (another unity game) files and repack them. i dont know if anything could be learned from the mod he released but he does seem to only use publicly available tools so its gotta be out there somewhere

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