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BHUNP collison Mesh visible

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Didn't notice it until now by pretty much every BHUNP- 3BBB/3BA has the collison mesh showing.  DX Druid Armor SSE BHUNP Bodyslide was the first BHUNP 3bbb I ever used and it still works just fine. I converted some oldrim followers to SSE using this CBBE 3BBB Compatible Patch Guide using BHUNP 3BA has they had unp texture sets, and they had all physics working with the converted naked body.




However, everyone other armor acquired so far (whether I rebuild mesh in studio or not) has this issue. It took me awhile to get CBBE 3BA working the way it's supposed to, so I'm not in a rush to start replacing .xmls and configs only to have everything bork again.



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Downloaded Ygnord race without the enhanced character edit mod. Replace all meshes/textures/skeleton with BHUNP new generations mod on nexus, and that works naked except for small neck gap. Naked meshes work, but outfits seem no go. Tried another outfit with skirt & cape. Physics on the outfit work fine from what I can see, but It's hard to see due to other stuff in the way. Been looking at the hdt sse compatbility patch. Looks Like I'll have to append/replace xmls one by one until this hopefully stops.



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26 minutes ago, Endiness2k said:

Downloaded Ygnord race without the enhanced character edit mod.

Do you mean you downloaded it off enhanced character edit's mod page ?

Or did you install BHUNP and selected the Ygnordrace package in the fomod ?


Outfits need to be converted to BHUNP even if they are UNP so the clothes you're using need to be patched if the mod author('s) haven't done it.


You should read BHUNP's mod page again, there's a conversion guide somewhere on the mod page and/or in the downloads.

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I'm not converting anything outfits myself, just downloading the BHUNP 3BBB one's already available. Wanted to give my unp followers the equivalent of the CBBE 3BA i'm using, but then they look like the screens above.


Edit: 2 outfits from the nexus work, versus the 6 I got from the chinese website that don't work. I'll have to look at the nif files and see those 6 and see. You might be right in the these files are for LE and SSE. I'll have to double check. Thanks.


Update: Yea that seems to be the case. I thought BHUNP was just backported to LE, so I assumed the outfits I saw, esp the made a while ago, were for SSE. Guess I was wrong on that.

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