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Behaviour Generation

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Hello everybody.


I have run into a problem and I figured some of you could help me on this.


I have been modding skyrim for a while now, both with LL mods and classinc modding, but i have never had any "big" problems until now.


The thing is that i use FNIS to generate my character behaviors for animations and everything like that, but recently i wanted to try out a new mod thats been around on nexus, wich overhauls the combat system in skyrim ( wich I find particularly lacking in vanilla ), Combat Gameplay Overhaul. CGO is not compatible with FNIS and uses another behaviour generator called Nemesis, wich I have never heard of. 

Unfortunatelly for me, i have tested my luck by trying to work the two of them together and ending up reinstalling windows altogether.


My question is simple: Does anyone of you uses Nemesis alone and does it work with other animation mods wich initialy work with FNIS( like SL or similar) ?

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