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Wicked Whims only generating straight attractiveness likes

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Sorry if this has been brought up before, but when I check each Sims' attractiveness likes, I've noticed that Wicked Whims literally will not randomly generate gay/bisexual gender preferences. I have tried every method to generate sim attractiveness using different settings, and it will still only generate straight attractiveness likes. I specifically remember when attractiveness was first added, there were naturally straight, gay, and bisexual sims, so I'm wondering if there is a setting that I haven't found that will allow this again or if this is a glitch. Either way, it's a shame because I really enjoyed being surprised by a new Sim's sexuality. Can someone either help me figure out if I should be turning a setting on (I use default settings for Wicked Whims) or let me know what happened with this?

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It depends what you're using for the generation, but Attractiveness doesn't usually take the lead with Gender Preference, instead it uses what the base game generated for the Sim. That's most often simply nothing, as the game prefers to generate blank slates, but heterosexuality has a higher probability.


Still, I think adding a menu to adjust distribution percentages could be a useful option for Attractiveness to use instead so you can things happen how you like it.

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