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I'm fine with female, I want better male body!

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Hello all.
So, I made my perfect (to me) UUNP preset, I made the clothes/armors matching that... but I'm not satisfied with the male body.

I want something REALLY MUSCULAR (for the _1.nif version, I want the _0.nif to be quite slim), more detailed model, etc.


Is there any available (for SSE) and if so (and I'll thank in advance for any link you give me), how can I optimize the outfits to that new male body?

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you could try this:

it's easy to convert and i'm sure you know how to... Lupus ?


As for optimizing outfits with that body, i do not know since i rarely use outfit studio but you can try asking there: 

the process is probably similar to female bodies and i'm pretty sure easier to do.

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