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[mod] LeiFang in cut Phase4 Design Contest 2019

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LeiFang in cut Phase4 Design Contest 2019

Modified version of Phase4's Design Contest 2019 costume. Specially added the neck pad hope that will cover any neck miss-matching, if you try to use it for other characters.
Materials redirected by kts/ktid in "Material" folder. Files in "charactor" is all "LEI_cos_101" original except for the .g1m of course. I noticed that after 1.21 update, the game loads materials differently. Game would crash in some newly added slots, if replaced with a mod. I didn't do more tests on the reason. If changing to other slot caused game crash, try another slot may work.
layer 2 mod, unzip folders into "REDELBE\Layer2" folder. 


Vagonumero13: rdbtool, g1mtools and REDELBE

Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender

Team Ninja, SNK: characters and game assets



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