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  1. upload your mod's original mod.ini and the one you changed here so we can have a look.
  2. Read the "readme" file of REDELBE for how to switch on debug options and then check the "redelbe_log.txt" records to locate which files has been loaded, a bit tedious but worth, since you can then find out which set should be replaced. Many hair sets are reused, depends on the slot used, some of them will even be replaced during the fighting. For mask. there are two types, one is in Hair set the other is in the costume set. so you have to check the log file to find out which set is used.
  3. wet costume textures only work on particular slots. They are textures with name pattern "*_kidsmm1.g1t", "*_kidsmm2.g1t". They are multi array, store a set of "air", "alb","nmh","occ","rfr","shl" maps. But I don't the details of how they work yet. For compatible models check the slot map:
  4. Hey guys, please also read the "README(for modders).txt"
  5. That is the "slot-work" setting function of REDELBE. You add the the "work" slot to replace the "slot" one. Modder select characters and slots for texture slots and special effects, it is not fully arbitrary. And the "slot-work" setting has been used widely in modding for applying mods to other characters. It has been proved works in most of the cases, you just need to try more harder.
  6. The log give you the position, such as (-0.0000, 26.3545, 7.5780), of the problematic vertices. the problem is there may be a lot of them. since the frame of UV map, by default is (0,0) on top-left, and (1,1) on bottom-right, so I use it to quick check these abnormal vertex. For "surrounded by irregular number of * nodes" you either delete the vertex or move it to somewhere sounding by 8 "nodes"--- they are these little boxes after loading the softbody.
  7. The "TEXCOORD8.xy","TEXCOORD8.zw","TEXCOORD9.xy","TEXCOORD9.zw", they are only use the UV map as container, They are not UV data, the "flip" setting has no meaning for them. And the only correct way to modift them are through the recalculate script. All these data officially should be in the range of 0-1, Thus, use the UV editor you can see the how "correct" they are. After recalculated, some of them may went into negative, that is still O.K, but if it went to some where away from the 0-1 range more than 0.1 you will start to see distortions.
  8. open the "mod.ini" in the mod folder . It looks like: [General] type = costume [Costume] slot = "KAS_COS_037" To change to slot ## that you can access, say 001 change the [Costume] section to: [Costume] slot = "KAS_COS_001" work = "KAS_COS_037" In short, "slot =" the one you want to use, "work =" the mod
  9. If it is Blender 2.93, and error is "'_PropertyDeferred' object is not iterable", that is a known issue for old style code. Wait for an update of the script or manually change the property definition from useing "=" to ":" Look for: files = CollectionProperty( name="File Path", type=bpy.types.OperatorFileListElement, ) change to: files : CollectionProperty( name="File Path", type=bpy.types.OperatorFileListElement, )
  10. You mean the green marks? They looks like the dirt (arr0) in ".kidswtm" ?
  11. It looks like you have select all objects. 2.82 support multi-object operation, but the plugin does not. Otherwise, as the error message said "11.vb has no 3dMigoto vgmap". Select 11.vb only, go to menu File->Import->"Apply 3DMigoto vertex group map to current object". then select the "11.vgmap" file which should be in the same place with the 11.vb and 11.ib files.
  12. Thanks. The problem of that texture is the public hair part is too small. I am looking for a nice picture that can be used like the hair blend set. A public hair mesh will make changing hair design easier by changing texture. I may just use the hair blend texture and let the artists to finish the hair trimming.
  13. Hi Guys, I am trying to modify saafrat's nude mod by adding a pubic hair mesh to them. If you have a high resolution pubic hair texture can be shared, please upload here.
  14. You have gone in the wrong way too far. "To install REDELBE, copy the file "dinput8.dll" and the folder "REDELBE" in the folder where you have the game installed" Did you did that? if you did, you will find the "layer2" folder under "REDELBE". There are set of sample mods in "layer2" folder to show you how a mod should look like.
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