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  1. Would you have any information about the g1s file? There are so many of them, I feel like they have packed the whole library into DOA6. I means these files may have been used in other games too.
  2. I tried to replace the NUNO and NUNV block in a g1m file with same character g1m file using the g1m_xml tool, but Game crashed. I tried to replace the soft body binary 0.soft only, but game also crashed. Is there some settings in the G1MF I need to be changed manually even using auto="true" in the <G1MF version="29" auto="true"> block?
  3. Can run, no error, means you are using the right version. You need to know which slot your mod is using and go to the selection slot then push F
  4. Yes, even only the changing of UV will be very helpful, because that means UV can be moved to fit textures from other costumes .
  5. Wow! That opens another door! Can we have a function or table to convert between the file and hash? I believe there are a few shaders was not used in the g1m file but exist for fighting effects. I would like to try if they can be used in g1m file.
  6. Input one of the coordinates set, for example the last one: 12.4981, 31.3397, 1.5790 into blender's "3D Cursor" section's "location". check if the 3d cursor overlap with a vertex. : if not, swap y with z, and check again. (if is the breast softbody, z should be in the range of 20-40. ). if yes. select the vertex and surrounding vertex and check if you can move them away from any softbody grid control point (these small boxes, after you import the softbody), and then do the 'Update DOA6 soft body vertex positions' again. The common failure happens when a vertex is too close to a grid control point.
  7. View File Honoka & Kula white / red Wetlook leotards *********************** This is a REDELBE layer 2 mod --- unzip inside folder "layer2". Credits: Vagonumero13: g1m_tools, g1m_xml, g1t_tools and REDELBE Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender Team Ninja, SNK: characters and game assets Submitter fgh1t6 Submitted 05/22/2020 Category Dead or Alive 6 Requires  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    *********************** This is a REDELBE layer 2 mod --- unzip inside folder "layer2". Credits: Vagonumero13: g1m_tools, g1m_xml, g1t_tools and REDELBE Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender Team Ninja, SNK: characters and game assets
  9. I kind of remember the tie knot is with the suit mesh though.
  10. Would it be the "OPT_ywrk_00","OPT_ywrk_01","OPT_ywrk_02" bones then? As we known, they are bouncy bones for breast parts, but they are not always the same even with the same name. Say in the nude mod (saafrat's set): They are a lot lower then in the NYO_COS_030:
  11. 100 B? if you are talking about cup size, 100 B would look like Bass
  12. Believe or not, some guys insist Marie is an underage girl. They are very aggressive, so I won't touch her for the purpose of world peace.
  13. My experience is: the g1m file provide a "normalised" model. The character slot will apply some kind of scale factor to adjust the bone position which will deform the body mesh accordingly. And finally, the softbody /4d vertex are all controlled by animation settings (g1a file, I guess) to define how bouncy these parts can be. The Breast softbody array seems connect to "SOFT000_ROOT"/ "SOFT001_ROOT" bone, if that bone is scaled down, than the breast will be pull down. You may try adjust the position of these bones to see if it can bring the breast up. I remember I did that before but not successful. However, that was before the g1m_xml tool come out. Now, with the g1m_xml tool, it can be done much easier: in the xml file, search "Bone name="SOFT000_ROOT"", and experiment the "Translation value" . I think that is the Left Breast softbody array root. Bone name="SOFT001_ROOT" is the right side one.
  14. Thanks, unfortunately, in this Jedi knight mod, I found there is some unknown relationship between the file sets and the light-effect hash code. The effect hash code is looking for a particular file type of material file. If the type is not matching, the game will crash. It works now on a try-and-error solution, but after using this mod, when the game trying to load the default costume of the slot, it will fail to load the default file set and crash. It should be resolvable by arrange the material redirection and slot selection more carefully. But I am diving into Honoka's big boobs now. 🥰
  15. 100% transparent of whole mesh is called "hide". It can be done by g1m_hide.exe. If I am not wrong, hide all meshes in custom g1m, face g1m and hair g1m will do the job.
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