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There's a mod breaking the game


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I can't find the source of the problem, but I am encountering a problem that is not letting me interact with the environment.


Whenever I try and sit down, or mine, or float up the Telvanni tower in Solstheim, my character doesn't move or interact at all. I recently downloaded a few mods and I had encountered this problem recently. 

I had minilovers,


Animated Prostitution

and Sexaddict in with a few spells to boot but that's about it. DX 

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Guest Vendayn

Probably need FNIS mod. Get it, then run the .exe that comes with it (after putting files in correct place) and it should be fixed. Though it could be a different problem, but this should fix it.

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Guest airdance

Fruitloop speaks the truth.  AP does not play well with other mods in Skyrim.  The animations work like they were a cut and paste taken from other sources or mods without proper testing.

 Even the patches and fixes that are out there seem to do more harm than good.   I never had any problems with crashing until I loaded AP.

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i had the same problem.

the same exact problem.

the floating, the mining stalhrim, all do i cant fix the enviroment crashing, whenever i get to another area it crashes, well where i am going.



Go to your Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users  and update it.

read the gigantic white box.

where it says WARNING; delete "X" animation etc etc. do it.

the skeleton and everything, just do as it says on the screen.


thats one down, now for the area discovering... welp.

i cant...

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I still had the floating up bug even after updating FNIS, in the end I just opened the console and toggled collision on/off when I needed to get up the top of the mushroom.



Did you run the GenerateFNISforUsers tool? If you did then it can't be an FNIS issue because it's working completely fine for me.

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