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Futa deformed head is giving ME a headache

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So i re installed skyrim SE and decided i wanted to play as a futa, i downloaded SOS and the CBBE add ons along with some horse cock CBBE versions and now im getting this weird bug and im sure its my fault but i do not know how i messed up or where i messed up. I've been installing mods in  skyrim for years but this is honestly my first rodeo with futa mods, ive searched the forums to see if someone has had a similar issue but alas i seem to be the first, i already tried to see if maybe i'd forgotten to pass te mods through Bodyslide but that wasn't the case and im honestly out of ideas as to what could cause this casue its only the head of the dick thats bugged out and the same thign happens with all the different models.

could it be another mod conflcting with SOS and the futa add ons? 

at this point any ideas or help would be welcomed. 


For reference these are the mods i've used and pictures of the problem





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