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Horizontal Axis adjustment (are there keys for that?)

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Is there a way to adjust the horizontal position of one of the actors? Although most of the animations have no problems regarding the horizontal axis, some creature animations do. I've found out that 1-to-10 keyboard keys are used for position adjustments through some detailed forum searching (I guess it's not in any of the readmes, is it?) so I thought maybe the keys for this axis are present but just unknown to most.

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I list the keys for movement right in the OP of the Lovers Resources thread. 

1,2 move the offense forward and back

3,4 move the offense down and up

0,9 move the defensive down and up

5-8 slide both off and def side to side, and up and down (this is to get you out of walls and other obstructions.

This is for re96 of Lovers with PK.

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