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[mod] RJW - New Sounds

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RJW - New Sounds

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!!  I've seen that coffee integrated these sounds into RJW-Animations, so this file is obsolete if you use it.  !!


Now, since we have a separate RW section on LoversLab, i've decided to finally upload these Sounds. 

I made these ones a while ago and they where floating around on the discord for some time now.


All this mod does, is adding 8 different clap sounds for the sex "animation". It sounds more like fucking. For some sex positions, these sounds don't make sense. Like, if you have a blowjob interaction or something like that. 


But for me, it fits better to the animation you see.


I don't know if it is possible right now to add different sounds for different positions. Would be something, I would want to do. (coffee actually did that now!)




Just copy the contents of the folder in the RJW main directory and overwrite everything.



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I made this an actual mod that you can load after RJW. That way you don't need to remember to reinstall this every time RJW updates.


The sounds aren't bad, but after using it for a while I came to the conclusion I like the "original" RJW sound better, so don't expect updates from me ?


PS: It's probably overkill to have an xml patch instead of just overriding RJW's SoundDef but that's how I roll ?


RJW Sounds.zip

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