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  1. It seems to be the reason for the Sextype? I always chose promiscuous, and pawn always had vaginal intercourse... After changing to free, it became diverse.
  2. Will the sexual intercourse history of pawn affect their preference for sexual intercourse posture? Because I found that after installing this mod, I don't seem to have seen double penetration... Even after I have installed two penises or hemipenis for them
  3. Yes, the problem is that there is no such work in this MOD... That's why we're looking for other methods, otherwise it's too tired to operate manually every time
  4. Thank you very much for your work! Very cool. Report a problem. When the pawn is sleeping, the chest will disappear
  5. Very cool ! Can you make a portable accessory, such as a vomit bag? So that slaves can use it at any time when they work
  6. Great patch, I can't wait to go home and try it!
  7. Yes, that's the problem.There seems to be no other way but to operate manually. I really hope I can automatically collect stains on the floor
  8. Then there is this problem. The nutrition machine can't recognize cum and cummixture as raw material Maybe the author forgot to add food attributes to cum?
  9. I found a problem. When I changed food restriction to only eat cum and cum mixture, pawns would rather be hungry than eat semen. Even if they are addicted to semen....Only when they are addicted will they take a mouthful of semen, and they will not recover much sense of satiety....This leads to prolonged starvation and frequent miscarriages. This made my breeding farm not get new animals for a long time and almost went bankrupt. Until I found out that it was food that caused the problem
  10. I suggest that CumBucket can be compatible with the VomitCum of Limitia Labs Mod, which is a perfect match
  11. https://gitgud.io/John-the-Anabaptist/licentia-labs Licentia Labs v0.8.0fix updating to rimworld 1.3
  12. Yes, I think so too. Manual cleaning is too troublesome. A work process should be designed so that they can clean the collection automatically
  13. But it is obvious that the bug exists, and it is still more serious every time you update it. At least seeing this is helpful for you to speculate about the suspect
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