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I didn't know I needed this, but I now do, lol. ? Also the good thing about sentries having a very text-to-speech-y voice is that if such a mod is ever made it shouldn't take that much work to replace their voice files with female versions, without the need for voice actors or whatever.


AFAIK there has been some work on Assaultrons, both on the "vanilla" assaultron skeleton/animations and on the Servitron (which uses NPC/humanoid anims instead). But unfortunately I don't recall any work being done on sentries. At least I assume it having been done for other robots already means it's not impossible, so there's that.

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There hasn't been anything done with Sentries so far, but this is...interesting xD


I really like the Servitron mod and it worked with LooksMenu BodyGen (pre-built Bodyslide still works, obviously) for a while, but somehow it no longer does after updating Fallout 4 to the latest version :/ (still trouble-shooting it, tho)

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I would take on the offer for doing the blocking out and maybe help anyone out and give people less work on doing the block out... but I have zero clue how I would make it work in fallout as I LOVE modeling robits, I know this is a year late, but I probably woulda been beaten to this offer to who was better with 3d modeling, which I don't mind as I don't consider myself the best, but good enough where at least more work and cleanup up each part of the model part, I preferably work in segments of a model so it not only helps with organization but also removes confusion where to start improving the model, if you'd like I can provide a few renders and current wips that I am doing out of my free time and doing for free.

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