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Another Round - A.S.I.A and Gynoid

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Since the Dec 2019 update all my old savegame files were destroyed and resulted to immediate crash. So i updated and changed mods, returned to Trykz great A.S.I.A mod because here you get a perfect working package of Synth bodies and clothing. Combined with Synth Player Gynoid you get not only the look but also the technical requirements to be a synth. Have enough fusion cells for your energy and cooling liquid for the CPU and mechanical systems. With Gynoid you can run faster, move quicker and jump higher, as long you have an eye for lubricate, temperature and electric power. The penalty if not is loosing cover, sneak, duck, running, view or even the ability to stand upright.



The A.S.I.A body is full CBBE physics equipped and you can look through the body grilles into the limb mechanic. That's an incredible design by Trykz. Gen 1 and Gen 2 type of bodies are strength and durability so light armor or cloth will do. If you like these synths, install the Alien Cloning Gun mod and pick some Synth settlers from the A.S.I.A. facility for your settlement.?

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