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[theboringforeigner] Dickbitches (paintings)

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[theboringforeigner] Dickbitches (paintings)

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"I was sitting on the train this morning opposite a really sexy Thai girl.

I thought to myself, “Please don’t get an erection. Please don’t get an erection.”


But she did."


Dickbitches is an addition to a collection of high quality paintings meant to visually spice up your builds in a classy (for this place, anyway) way. This includes 19 swatches. Enjoy!







Q: Why do you have a FAQ? Your download count is like zero. What questions are you frequently asked?

A: Why don't you shut your stupid mou- I mean, it's more preventative than anything


Q: What is the base file for this?

A: These are built off of “The Primrose Path”


Q: Does this require any DLC?

A: Nope. This and (for the foreseeable future) any other file I upload will require only the BASE GAME


Q: Why did you add so many swatches?

A: Because I got frustrated downloading sexy paintings that only had like 3 swatches


Q: Who is the model in...



Q: Do you have the original images?

A: I do. I found them all in a single album online that permits non-commercial use and sharing. I'll add a link some time at some point (I lost it because I'm stupid)


Q: I'm the owner of _____ image and I disapprove of you using it!

A: These images were taken from a public image database so... Your problems are bigger than my mod that has like 16 downloads. PM me anyway.


Q: How do I install this?

A: Search through your documents folder for SIMS 4 > Mods and drop the .package file in there. Or like, Google it, bruh


Q: It doesn't work! What do I do?

A: Ask below in the comments section. Please provide as much info as possible.I'll be happy to help


Q: Can you upload the SIMS used in the screenshots?

A: Later. I need to make sure they're actually mine first and not ones downloaded from here or elsewhere. Don't want to be a content thief - even accidentally!


Q: What are the moodlets?

A: I don't add moodlets to my mods. I feel like if you're modding you're probably cheating as well. What would be the point?


Q: This page looks like crap

A: Yeah it does. PM me if you feel like helping me make a cooler looking page


Q: But who was phone?

A: Some say we're all phone


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