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Disabling MCM methods - modding

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I'm not quite modding more than tweaking existing Devious Devices mods in my installation. There's some which I wish blocked more of their MCM (for instance, Devious Followers' debug menu allowing you to remove devices) and I was hoping I could modify and recompile the source scripts assuming they're provided. Does anyone know how this is done in general? I'd also like to implement something which locks out the pages in general with a "cannot be accessed while wearing devices" or something like that like in Deviously Cursed Loot but unfortunately they didn't provide the script sources with the installation. Implementation seems to be just checking whether devious devices are equipped and changing the MCM accordingly though there might be some edge cases I have to consider.

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You'll probably want to implement a check on whether the player is bound or not at the top of the OnPageReset() Event in the MCM script of a given mod.

If bound, display a text explaining the lockout, else the normal options show up.

As for how to check whether or not a player is bound I do not know. Never touched the DD API, but from what I heard doing this is rather complicated for whatever reason.

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