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Armor Replacer don't work!

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Hi guys, sorry my english.
I have Skyrim Special Edition because I had Skyrim Legendary Edition. I always played Skyrim LE because initially it had more mods (of course it is) but I recently decided to try Skyrim SE.
I say this to say that I have a fair experience with mods. However, I may have made some trivial mistake.


Ah, I always installed everything via nmm / vortex.


So I install Skyrim SE, I install various mods that I usually install in Skyrim LE, including a replacement of women's armor from the vanilla game.
Obviously I check if a mod is for the original Skyrim or for Skyrim SE.


I install an armor replacement mod, I don't remember which one I found and installed, but it WORKED!
But I didn't like it, I uninstall it and look for another one.


I find the mod of Killer Keos, the one I have always used in Skyrim LE. "Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE Armor Replacer SE"
Ok I install this.

I start the game and notice that the armor is that of the vanilla game.
I uninstall and install the mod several times, trying different options among those offered by the mod during installation but the armor is not replaced.
I think "maybe the mod is bugged"?


I'm looking for another. I find "TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SSE".
I install it and the armor does not change again.


I remind you that I check that the mod is for Skyrim SE or for the original Skyrim.
Why did the first mod work and now they don't work anymore?

How do i solve?

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