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Wyre Bash And (my) ENB

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While I today made some pictures of my ZAP-WORLD, I suddenly found in the beach-sable some SYMBOLS which I quickly understood to be a transparent PICTURE under the gamescreen  !!!!!!

This picture I had seen some time ago in WYRE BASH inside the PICTURES-folder.

Maybe this came with my ENB setup and I went into WHYRE BASH and deleted the existing pictures there from the list.

After that action, my ENB is now SHINING with the game in a new way.


If you play with my ENB, I can only invite you to delete that pic from it´s folder.

Sorry if I have uploaded the ENB with this somehow disturbing "overlay".

I did not find the folder of this picture but with WYRE BASH I could easily delete it from there.


If I would not have seen it luckily inside of the sable, I would go on playing with this for ages !!!!!!

It´s of course a very massive nonsence if you compare my old screen-shots with the new ones.

It might be that it´s a example-sample for a lens mask...but in my picture I don´t want that.



TESV 2020-02-24 18-11-01-45.jpg


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