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Amorous Adventure Bug/Issue With Quest New Malacath Blues! Orcs hate me!

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hi, plz help!


I am using Amorous Adventures mod & i'm on the quest New New Malacath Blues.


I have just left the second orc village with the orc princess & I brought her to the chief in n....near windhelm.

the orcs there hate me & won't talk to me! I did the forging finger quest & should be blood kin!


even the princess who is following me gets mad at me once i'm in the tribe's camp!

I can't give him the orc princess cus he won't talk to me! is there a way to fix this or do I have to abandon the quest?


I tried to change my race to orc with showracemenu but that didn't work! SO frustrated! Please help if you can!

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