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I have a favor to ask

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for one always wanted to say hi to every one . but was a lil shy to do so .And i wanted to say TY to lovers lab for all the fun you guys have supplied me and the misses over the years :P.. bunch of cheeky bastards .all of ya ..LOVE YA GUYS&GALS ..but im getting old ill be 50 this year and i always had a dream.to put me and the wife into skyrim. so if we pass on the kids can still see us and maby listen to us to make them feel better ..see my son was born autistic .and we were already into our late 30's when he was born. so its hard .well it seems im a fail and this old dog cant learn new tricks as it were .never been able to make mods .copy paste kitty all day long but never could make them tho i tried..and thats why i made this post .. im asking for HELP i know some of ya and some are friends on my steam account . And or i watch you on twitch .and so on names Elmerfudd420..and i need help if ya guys can .to make a old mans dream semi come true..im not rich . lucky at times to afford a game on steam ..Kids getting older and so on takes it toll on limited funds we all know this..and have gone through it in one way or another . but my and my wifes health isnt the best wife has had cancer 2 times both thank god were able to be removed and taken care of ..and i haven't been able to afford a doctor visit in 16 years .so now ya know kinda my story . this is my favor if any of you modders have free time and can do a old man and lady a solid .ya would be my hero in this life and after .im looking for some one who can help or make it so me and the wife are in skyrim...not asking for 1000 lines of text or HD physics and shit .. 

i just want my son and daughter to be able to see us . and for us to just say hi and we love you .i know it sounds dumb and i dont know why its so important . but  i figured id ask .. so if ya have time .and a heart  and can help ..pls leave a comment on here .as i said i didnt know how to ask this of ya. still fel a lil off in doing so . but i'm a gamer have been since i was 12 with my first d&d game. and i always believed  that us gamer's were family .in a way .and i know this is a odd post 

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