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Good Girl Adult Pacifiers

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Good Girl Adult Pacifiers

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More pacifier!!! for all my fellow ABDL/DDLG fans. ^^


I've recently gotten into mesh modeling & I made a more detailed pacifier mesh then the one used in my previous mods.


This is a stand alone mod, There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods.


This mod will add a yet another NEW line of Pacifiers into Fallout 4,


I just wanted to share with everyone. ^_^


More textures may be on the way. ;)



To install the Binkies,


Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder & then play the game.


Once ingame You can make the Binkies at the Chem station....Everyone Enjoy. ^^


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On 4/18/2020 at 1:16 PM, Midnight Fox said:

using outfit studio i was able to adjust this to fit the vulpine race any chance i can upload this if i give you credit for the original sadly i cant make it a separate esp cause i don't know how to do that it would be nice to have both versions for human and vulpine in my game but i figured i would ask if i could at least upload it 


Sure go ahead,  I've personally been too bored of F4 & Skyrim lately & busy with life to keep modding for those games.


If u wanna upload an altered version of my mod(s) for the vulpine race that's fine, thank u for asking first. ^^

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No worries ^^    I know it may not seam like it at times but I do pay attention to my mod pages & I always try to replay to people as soon as I can.

I'm happy to see some one taking an interest in modding F4, Fallout4 needs more mods/modders... I wish u luck.


The same happened to me for F4, I can't play the game for more than like 15mins before I get bored & the only fun part anymore is cosmetic & sex mods.


Quick tip, if u want to attach a persons last reply just press the "Quote" button under their last comment & it adds it to ur reply like so.

2 hours ago, Midnight Fox said:

alright cool i didn't expect a reply to be honest glad i got one i don't find myself playing fallout 4 that much either and when i do its just to add a decoration or two to my nursery i'm gonna have to figure out how to make it a separate mod but at least i have permission to do it now  also i;m new to this site so i don't  know how to do a lot on it like put the person i was replying to in the post but whatever 


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