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INCINEROAR Pokemon sims4 elsa conversion

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INCINEROAR Pokemon sims4 elsa conversion

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Mighty roar joins to kukui adventures on sims4, furries wet dream and new husband comes to visit your neighbourhood.(full suit on all categories)


Warning: on sims 4 version his legs are long to match bones,  requires City living expansion pack.

02-17-20_1-36-00 PM.png


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On 7/20/2020 at 8:05 AM, Elsalovescocaine said:

For the people who wanted to create his own mr professor Kukui,  hair and glasses can be download. coat on pictures could be found at simresource. same for beard.enjoy dual sex with Incineroar and his master.


Hey, I cannot find the lab coat and beard on sims resource. Do you have the link, by any chance?


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can you make kukui's jacket, pants, shoes and beard or link a link to the clothes?


and can you make Chairman rose's everything (eye brow, beard, suit and shoes)  also make rose's hair available to downloadprofessorkukui.pngELzPQj-WwAAROLe?format=jpg&name=large

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