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Problem with mod message. Can't figure mod out.

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Hi, I suddenly have a message appear every few seconds in the upper corner of the screen. I can't find out to what mod it belongs. I cleaned the save with Resaver but the message stays. 

Does Anyone know to what mod it belongs or how I can find that out myself?

And how I can get rid of it?


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33 minutes ago, dontknowdontcaredontask said:

Why don't you post your loadorder so we can narrow the guessing game a bit? Or is this message from a mod you removed (thus the mention to using Resaver to clean the savefile)?


Edit: based on an extensive google search I think it could be Radiant Prostitution.

Idon't know what mod causes it yet. Radiant prostitution is a good idea. I will test that out.

Edit: It was Radiant prostitution. Maybe something went wrong when I had to reinstall the mod. Thank you very much.

For some reason whenever I install RP this messgae appears. But only on 1 of my chars.

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