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Bizzare conflict between Midas Magic and TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood

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As you may be aware, Midas Magic has a bug that crashes Oblivion when using it's Astral Gate to go to the Plane of Fire. I'd found a script edit to fix it, which worked perfectly.


However, when I installed Elsweyr Pelletine, the crash returned. I managed to narrow it down to TWMP_Elsweyr_Valenwood, which is required for Pelletine.


Does anyone know why a completely unrelated mod would cause this behavior, and how to fix it?


Changing load order didn't seem to solve the problem. Using a coc command to the Plane of Fire also causes a crash. All other Astral Gate locations seem to work. TESEdit doesn't detect a conflict between Plane of Fire and TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood, suggesting it's not a repurposed vanilla worldspace.


For reference TWMP is a hightmap/worldspace overhaul/addon, intended to make other areas of Tamriel playable. The Plane of Fire is in a different (custom) worldspace.


For those interested in the script fix:


In MidasButtonGateXScript


  elseif Key == 23072 ; SEARS
    set myTarget to MidasAstralGateFire
   elseif Key == 23328 ; SEARS v2


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