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Some Body Know This Is? Error.....


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Some Body Know This Is? It started about 2 days ago. And it just keeps Going and Going.......FIXED!!!!


Error GenerateStartStart[cp]:angle=0, num=94, fm[2] = 172.000000
Error GenerateStartStart[cp]:angle=0, num=103, fm[0] = 194.000000
Error GenerateStartStart[cp]:angle=0, num=94, fm[1] = 172.000000
Error GenerateStartStart[cp]:angle=0, num=94, fm[0] = 172.000000


It Was: Transformer Abode Vehicle by Mukotav that was doing it.   http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30933
disabling and removeing all of it from Meshes/Scripts/sound/Strings/Textures Folders Fixed it!

These errors occur when mod can not create part of ship.
You manually copy all the mod files to the game folder or use Nexus Mod Manager?
Check again all the files *.pex in folder scripts

If you use some other mods try disabling all of them temporarily. May be some conflict with this mod.

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