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Nichola La Flamme: 3 Version

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Nichola La Flamme: 3 Version

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Made 3 versions of a sim with different hairstyles and traits. Hope you like her! All CC is included.


Short Hair

A creative, nerdy, hipster girl always looking for an opportunity to explore and meet new people.


Frizzy Hair

Essentially a bard in D&D; but in the sims. Solving all of her problems with seduction regardless how others feel. 



A smart nerdy girl debating if she go straight to being a scientist or go to university. 


Bon Courage,



02-05-20_8-26-13 PM.png

02-05-20_8-27-13 PM.png

02-05-20_8-28-05 PM.png

02-05-20_8-27-13 PM.png

02-05-20_8-34-49 PM.png

02-05-20_8-37-34 PM.png

02-05-20_8-39-34 PM.png

02-05-20_8-41-27 PM.png

02-05-20_8-46-02 PM.png

02-05-20_8-47-06 PM.png

02-05-20_8-49-19 PM.png

02-05-20_8-50-39 PM.png


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