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Punky's new ink (aka free high res tattoo layers <gimp>)


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So I am playing through a second time using my race of mini Amazon women ( a great challenge btw at .8 height...) and have got Punky close to the ink she likes.  The iris on the right thigh is for Iris, the mini Amazon companion.  As an aside, it is frustrating to have race skins spread across the whole race and not specific skins for playable vs. NPC.  Anyhow, the Iris image may be proprietary, I don't know, it was from a scan of historic Japanese prints, so don't use it for anything public please.  The other six should be free (as clip-art or made by me) so take whatevas.


The new one is very cool, on the left leg.  That is a recreation by me of a 4th century Swedish stone carving.  The female is giving birth and holding two serpents.  She is the beast woman!  How awesome for Punky, with three dragons overhead.  For this, I wanted a slight purple hue, but it is washed out.  I suggest you go almost complete black and white, with a 80 layer opacity to get tattoo quality.  Also, I use bodyslide to get Punky correct  and your skins may not fit perfectly.  It is pretty easy to use the perspective tool on a layer to get it right, so you might have to.


These fit the awesome 4k high res skins we have been provided.  I use shaved here.  Sorry about the pedicure, you can color select and replace if you want,post-118282-0-59509400-1360044089_thumb.png


Here are the shots.  I think Iris is staring at Punky's chest (Iris is a bit naughty)...  And the Yarl, who knows....  post-118282-0-12037300-1360044148_thumb.png


The file is a gimp image with tattoo layers, if you can't work with this, don't bother.  Most of the layers can be moved to wherever you want ink.  I always use 60-80 opacity on the layers to get the 'look' and raise lighting in hue saturation by ~9 or so to match my hand and face textures.




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